Dear Member:

It has been a long and rough ride for everyone and hope that everyone has stayed safe and healthy. I want to thank you for all of your patience. The decision as to how and when we will reopen has been a big struggle. It is time to try. I ask that everyone be patient with all of the upcoming changes. These changes will be in accordance with Maine CDC guidelines and my own guidelines to try and keep everyone safe and healthy while getting our workout in.

Please respect the rules of Maine CDC and The Health Club & Spa. Please keep in mind that If we do NOT follow the rules, it will just risk the reclosure of our facility. It will greatly be appreciated that you respect all rules. It is for the safety for yourself and loved ones. The details of all rules will follow:


We will be REOPENING

  • The gym portion on 8/3/20
  • Aerobic Classes on 8/10/20 (must sign up for time slot)
  • Pool/Hot Tub on 9/8/20 (must signed up for time slot)

  • Before you return to our facility it will be mandatory that you read through our guidelines to be sure you know the rules/restrictions.


    Please know that we closed the facility on 3/20/20 and have not sold any memberships or withdrawn from anyone's accounts since then. All auto withdraw memberships were cancelled back in March 2020. For those of you who were on auto withdraw, you will be need to resign up when you return. It's been a long 4 months for everyone. When we open we will be restricting the type of memberships sold. We will only be selling 1 month memberships and 1 day passes. As soon as COVID slows down, we will be going back to our various options. The options for the 1 month are as follows:

  • $45.00 (regular membership)
  • $35.00 (corporate, senior, veteran and student)
  • $10.00 (day pass)
  • TEMPORARILY STOPPED the 3, 6 and 12 months as well as the 7-visit punch pass. I have a feeling they may reclose everyone in the near future.


    The decision to reopen was not taken lightly and was difficult. It had to be based on how to survive once we are open and how to recoup from the past. We have been here for 50 years and it has never had to close down. My goal is to be able to offer a safe place for everyone to come back and workout.

    MONDAY-FRIDAY: 5:00 AM - 8:00 PM
    SATURDAY: 6:00 am - 12:00 PM

    Maine CDC has indicated that COVID-19 is spread through droplets and is a respiratory infection. As you all know, the droplets increase as you workout. I hope everyone realizes to be careful while working out and that they stay the appropriate distance from each other.

    We will be thoroughly cleaning throughout the whole day. We will have additional hand sanitizer stations throughout the gym. Members will need to obtain their own rag and cleaning bottle at the front desk area and return all bottles and rags to the designated location near the front desk for sanitization. Members will need to thoroughly clean their equipment after each use. Maine CDC requires that the facility not take in any more than 50 people at one time. The facility is very narrow so I will only allow 25 people in at one time and request that we try and work around each other to keep our distance. We will have various cardio equipment marked "do not use" so members can keep their distance while working out in the cardio area.

    We are allowed only 6 people in aerobic classes. The class schedule will be limited and changing (stay tuned). Classes will commence on 8/10/20. We will have areas of where you can stand and ask that you let the instructor or staff set up your equipment. Once class is done, we ask that you clean the equipment but leave it in your spot and staff will reclean and place it back where it belongs.

    We are only allowed 2 people (unless family group) in the pool area. Each party will have to use the outside lane, the middle lane will be closed. The hot tub will only be allowed 2 people at 1 time. When this area opens up (9/8/20) you will need to call and reserve your time. Time in the pool will be limited to 1 hour at a time and hot tub will be 30 minutes at a time. Unfortunately, I am told the SAUNA will need to stay closed (per CDC guidelines).


    We are asked to have 1 way in and 1 way out. Unless you are handicapped, you will need to park in the back and enter in the front. This means you will need to walk around the front of the building to enter. Exiting will be the back entrance. If you are handicapped and park in the front handicapped spots, you will enter through the front and exit through the emergency exit located in the free weight area.

    You MUST wear a mask entering and exiting. You do NOT need to wear one inside while working out UNLESS you have a workout partner and are within 6 feet from working out together. Staff will be required to wear face mask or face shield at all times and gloves.

    There will be hand sanitizer station located outside the front entrance. We ask that you use it prior to entering the door and throughout your workout. There will be stations throughout the facility for use.

    The front desk will be located in the CORE room as you enter through the front entrance. Please check in. We need to take everyone's name and telephone number when entering (per CDC instructions). You will NOT need to sign out. We will still be selling water/gaterade. You will be asked HEALTH QUESTIONS prior to be allowed to enter. We will be taking your temperature prior to entering. Please follow the 6 foot guidelines.

    If you need to purchase a membership we will ONLY be accepting cash or check. We will NOT be accepting credit cards at this time. Remember only 1 month and 1 day passes at this time. TEMPORARILY postponed 3, 6, 12 months and 7 visit passes.

    We ask that your belongings be sanitized prior to coming in and that you keep them with you at all times. It would be appreciated that you sanitize where you lay down your belongings. You can keep your belongings 6 feet apart from others in the back entrance area. Try and not use the locker rooms.

    We are only allowed 2 people in the locker rooms at 1 time. We will have someone monitoring the rooms to be sure members abide by the rules. If in locker, please sanitize where you touched and laid your belongings while changing.

    We are only allowed 2 people in showers a 1 time. We have blocked off 2 shower heads so there will only be 2 showers available for use.

    We are only allowed 2 people in the pool at 1 time. No one will be able to use the middle line. Each party will be allowed their own individual lane If a party is wishes to have family members with them at the same time, they need to share that 1 lane. You need to call and RESERVE a time slot (starting on 9/4/20). We will give you 15 minutes to change before and 15 minutes after and 1 hour in the water.

    HOT TUB:
    We are only allowed 2 people in the hot tub at 1 time. I suggest that you stay diagonally across from one another. You need to call and RESERVE time slot (starting 9/4/20). We will give you 15 minutes to change before and 15 minutes after and 1 hour in the water.

    We are asked to keep CLOSED at this time.